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Pre Order Note

After you place an order, we will make the order to True World Japan, our Japanese purchase operation unit.  They will buy and ship the product to True World Foods, and we will deliver it to your home. Please note all orders with Japanese Uni will be Thursday and Friday the week after the order is placed.

Therefore, if you are ordering Japanese Uni, please set your delivery date to Friday of the next week (not the Friday of the same week). 

"Uni" has a grade based on its color, texture, and freshness. The highest grade (Grade A) is a bright yellow/gold color with a sweet taste and firm texture that melts when you eat it. Japanese Uni is known for having the best quality Uni. True World Foods has been one of the biggest Uni buyers in Toyosu Market for years. 

Why Can True World Foods Deliver the Best Quality of Uni?  

Our True World Japan buyers have exclusive access to the "Uni Auction Hall" at the Toyosu Fish Market (Tokyo Fish Market), one of the biggest Uni auction halls in the world. From early morning, they go through the whole market to inspect the quality of the products and talk with as many vendors as they can to ensure that you get the best. 

Uni Grading System 

Like any premium product, Uni is priced based on how it is graded. This is especially true for Uin headed to the Toyosu Market. Each Uni can earn one of four grades: AA (Gokujo), AA(Tokujo) A+ (Nami), and A(Yasu). While this grading is highly subjective, Like the 3C’s in diamond, each Uni s graded based on about 3 major indicators

  • Initial Appearance
  • Shape
  • Color

As mentioned above, our Uni auctioneers have years of experience in grading Uni and won many high-price Uni for decades. They will ensure you receive the best quality of Uni available in the market on the auction date.