Aoki Takayuki (堺孝行) Knife INOX NANAIRO 210mm Retro Woodgrain - Pre Order

Aoki Takayuki (堺孝行) Knife INOX NANAIRO 210mm Retro Woodgrain - Pre Order

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Just like “rainbow” in English, “NANAIRO” is a Japanese term describing a multitude of colors, making it the perfect name for this
new, colorful line of traditional Japanese knives.

*Note: please do not wash this item in the washing machine.

Pre Order Note (Please read before ordering)

For this item, we will take your order first and then make the order to Japan. It will take about 2-3 weeks. 


Born out of a collaboration between Sakai knife makers and masters of traditional Echizen lacquerware, these beautiful and hygienic knives are waterproof and durable to a degree unattainable with wooden handles.

The Nanairo handles are injection molded from ABS and finished in a wide variety of different designs, all with a sense of traditional Japanese beauty. Taking up a Nanairo knife in your hands, it will feel well balanced, pleasantly warm to the touch, and overall similar to one with a standard wooden handle. The blades are made from stainless, high-performance molybdenum steel and are ground and sharpened by the craftsmen of Sakai. Their excellent geometry and sharpness make them suitable for demanding professional use.

Japanese molybdenum specialty steel, ground and sharpened by craftsmen in Sakai
ABS resin with added weight for the best balance, vivid designs applied using traditional Echizen lacquerware techniques, lacquer with an added antibacterial agent to help inhibit bacterial growth on the handle surface
Utility model registration
Woodgrain pattern Japanese style lacquered resin handle (heat resistant up to 90℃ ), registered 2019-004915
Japanese food hygiene permit
ABS resin (natural color)
※ Using acidic cleaners on

Sakai Takayuki
Behind the Sakai Takayuki brand is 600 plus years of knife making history by skilled craftsmen of Sakai City, Osaka prefecture. Originally famous for the production of Samurai swords, the makers in Sakai take pride in their work and never compromise on quality.