Fresh Japanese Wasabi 0.2~0.5LB/PK *PRE-ORDER ONLY*

Fresh Japanese Wasabi 0.2~0.5LB/PK *PRE-ORDER ONLY*

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Product Origin: Nagano, Japan

  • Depending on which grater you use, grated wasabi's flavor is changed. It can be spicier or sweeter.
  • Grated wasabi's spiciness goes last around 10 minutes after grated, so please grating little by little
  • Do not cut its leaves. It helps its freshness goes last longer.
  • Sometimes, you can see black dot on the wasabi. It is natural thing. 

Pre-Order Note (please read before ordering) 

For Japanese wasabi, we will take your order first and then make the order to True World Japan.  Please note all orders with Japanese wasabi will be delivered on either Thursday or Friday the week after the order is placed. Therefore, if you are ordering Japanese wasabi, please set your delivery date for Friday of the next week (not on the Friday of the same week).